A Spriter's Mind - History

A Spriter's Mind was created on January 30th, 2009 by a user by the name of SuperMarioFan102096. He invited his friend Shadow Lugia to be co-author of the comic, and together they posted comics pertaining to what went on in their minds. The comic began to blow up as SMF and S.L both sucessfully achieved popularity for their work on the comic. S.L being known for his elcetic recurring skits and characters, and SMF for his unique sense of humor, and blunt reality speaking. ASM in its early days was known for its constant vulgarity, harsh criticisim, and Senseless Noob Bashing. User Delto would not be above this, and was instantly deemed an enemy of the comic when he took on S.L, SMF, and close friends/affiliates G.B.A and Cqclegoman. Amist in the war, user Marcus The Hedgehog was invited to the comic. With the three authors, the comic achieved instant popularity, and gained a favorable hotness factor. It was at this point that the comic was in a period of prosperity, known as The Golden Age.


The Comic continued to flourish with the three authors posting amusing, and at times controversal comics and fillers. Soon, SMF began to get tired at people from Wharr's chat, and decided to subsequently delete his acount and leave smackjeeves. He left S.L in charge, and it was at that point that S.L became the leader/owner of ASM. When SMF deleted his acount, S.L and capo, Marcus, decided that they couldn't ever replace SMF; in the least they could fill the void. SO S.L hired long time friend Cqclegoman and Marcus hired longtime friend and affiliate (Of S.L also,) G.B.A. The four authors continued to keep the spirit of the comic alive, and even were able to withstand an a flame war against its own former owner. Ironically, SMF became livid with S.L, Marcus, and Cman as when he returned to Smackjeeves as SMFislikehere, he was a different man. It was not an amusing war like the Delto one, because of the fact that it was more personal. However, this did not bring the comic down, and it continued to flourish into something that cannot be matched by anything else. G.B.A eventually left during this time due to a conflicting scedule with his own comic, "Holy Crap."

Authors: S.L Marcus G.B.A Cman

The comics continued to prosper up until the summer. With constant wars with SMF, and Delto, the comic itself was updating more than 5 times daily at one point. S.L further hired three additional authors to keep up with the times. These authors included long time friends, Mart, Ryderlol, and Marluxia. Eventually, a peace treaty was made between ASM and Delto, as he had stopped stealing and ASM realized how immature it was being by flaming a new person. That did not however stop them from engaging in continuous wars with long time friend SMF, and S.L arch nemesis, RaveDuck. Eventually, Ryderlol began to go wicked puss fad faggot on the comic, as well as Marluxia. Ryderlol was fired, and Marluxia quit, resulting in both of them holding hostility towards the comic. Ryderlol joined SMF in his quest of vengance against the comic, and RaveDuck was also not holding back. As a replacement of Marluxia and Ryder, friend SadPanda was hired to the comic. At the point of Soap's hiring, the comic began to slowly go into a steady decline. There was more enemies of the comics, such as SAZ, Wharr's Chat, and Pixel Pagoda, resulting in a decreased fan count. Eventually, it would all come crashing down.

Authors: S.L Marcus Cman Mart Ryder Marluxia Soap

All things are destined to fall. And ASM was not above this exception. Ironically, a treaty was made between ASM and SMF around this time. S.L, Cman, and the other authors were all good with SMF again. However, the damage had already been done. Ryder had donned a new persona with the "::EDDI::" username, and truly went fucking faggot on the author comic. Marluxia, along with his faggot SAZ Pussy, (whoops I meant to say Posse, oh wait no I didn't,) and Wharr's chat also flamed the comic. Right before the fall, RaveDuck also mended ways with S.L and the comic's authors. However, as said the damage at that point was un-repariable. Mart left the comic due to him wanting to become e-dead, and Soap also fell victim to the e-deadness. Breakerlolz and BlueYoshi5 were hired, but to no avail. The comic was under constant troll invasion during its final days, and was hated by most. It fell like Rome. S.L posted a comic basically declaring the end of the ASM dynasty, and the comic itself for that matter. Breaker, Marcus, Cman, Blue, and Soap all left the comic after it was ended, and S.L remained sole author of it to preserve a piece of history. It was dead....For now.
S.L Marcus Cman Soap Blue Breaker

"All things fall apart." "But that's not to say that they can't rise again." Several Months later, S.L was bringing about a nostalgic state upon himself when he browsed through his old ASM comics. "Oh those were the days," he thought to himself musingly. Then he reached the epiphany during the R.E.D movement, that fucking cunts aren't worth changing over. And by fucking cunts I mean Eddigardo P.F.C.H.A.N.G "The Baby Girl" Faggot, SAZiggers, and Wharr's Chat. You guys suck cock. c; With that mind set, S.L quickly ran it by former third in command, Cman. Collectively, they reached the utlimatum that ASM was too great to lose. They re-started the comic, instantly blasting it off to popularity with epic return comics. (Lol embelished.) During this time, the comic consisted of soley S.L and Cman. However, towards the end of the Rebirth era, long time friend/former enemy/former founder/former author SMF was re-invited. And with those three authors, ASM slowly woke up from its impending hibernation, in a slow and steady process known as Rebirth

Authors: S.L Cman SMF

The period known as the Rebirth was primarily ASM just adjusting back into the webcomic game. But when Capo Cman hired friends, Zman Warrior, FlyingMonkey, and Breakerlolz, ASM truly returned to the top. Although ZMan had to quit soon after due to a lack of apathy, Breaker and FM seemed to bring a new spirit and influence to the comic. A spirit that was present, not sense the days of the Golden Age/SL Reform. The comic entered a second Renaissance. It continues to update to this day, and recurring themes of ASM are starting to return such as "skits," "characters," and noob bashing (Ice Cube and Avacado.)" Recently former author Blue and long time friend/affiliate KurudoROFL were hired to secure the comic's current unmatchable momentum. Eventually, tension began to arise between ASM and several troll organizations. As usual, ASM exposed the truth on these hate-guilds, and they decided to troll. They got long time ASM author, SMF, to spam the comic's template and description. SMF succumbed to this peer pressure, spammed the comic and left. This eventually led to a conflict between S.L and Kuro, which led to Kuro's sacking from the comic. Breaker was then roosted for similiar reasons. Not to be done with this time of departure, author, Blue, didn't update and so he too was sacked. Author, Flying Monkey also decided that he needed to leave due to an over-full comic scedule. This left five spots open at ASM. Friends/Affiliates, Casey_Fox, J-bit, Mist Th, and Mix would fill these spots. Then, XP_Lulz, Shoku2121, and Zephyr_the_misfit_king would all join.

Authors: S.L Cman SMF ZMan FM Breaker Blue Kuro Casey_Fox J-Bit Mist Th Shoku XP_Lulz Zephyr

This period was basically marked the end of The 2nd Renaissance, and ASM, once again. S.L went away for a while, beginning to struggle with personal issues irl, and he came back to see how fucked up it had gotten on smackjeeves. And so, overreacting, he kicked everyone from the comic once again, and ASM entered an age of deadness as it was dead for a several month period. During that time, S.L considered to struggle with issues at home, not being anywhere near smackjeeves.
Authors: S.L

After S.L made a slow, yet promising recovery and delved back into the realm of smackjeeves, (mending ties with old friends,) Cman encouraged S.L to start the comic back up again. With Breakerlolz, SMF, and Cman, S.L started the comic back up again, with slightly less drama, and a much different concept.
Authors: Cman Breaker

Around this time period S.L was thinking a lot about how all the drama and wars that he was involved in and caused, had involuntarily destroyed his reputation. Even after these wars, people would un-fave his comics because of their dislike towards him, and he felt that he shouldn't do that to ASM. On February 8th, 2011, the comic was handed over to longtime author and friend cqclegoman. Thus begins an era known as The Cman Rundown.