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January 25th, 2010, 4:55 pm

Shadow Lugia

Oh lookie: A new series.

If you wish to cameo in the series, and you already aren't cameoing, feel free to send in your sprites.

The 3 spots are still open, so feel free to apply today.

Also, HOV-er's story is actually acurate. No you can't catch e-aids, but The Porn industry is going to go into some tough times now that 23 pornstars recently contracted HIV. This greatly concerns me, as it's not like anything else is happening in the world right now and porn is a vital part of our economy here in The United States.

It's not like there's a mass destruction following a severe earthquake in a certain third world country or anything. Nope, we shoud rather be more concerned about sluts contracting slut illnesses, and at the end of the day we should cry for them because they can't get their basic necessity - big cock.

Fuck Porn.

June 19th, 2018, 10:47 pm


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posted by BreakerLOLZ on January 25th, 2010, 5:46 pm


WHAT. I didn't know you could comment as a reader with HTML.
I've been missing out.
~Sad Camel

posted by Shadow Lugia on January 25th, 2010, 5:53 pm



posted by cqclegoman on January 25th, 2010, 6:40 pm


Very...inspiring S.L. LOL

Nicely Done? *claps slowly* xD

posted by Mart on January 25th, 2010, 7:27 pm



posted by Mist th on January 25th, 2010, 8:38 pm

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