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A word from SMF

" When I first made ASM, it was supposed to be a combination of a few things: My opinions of anything going on at the time manifested in my characters as if they were literally in my mind, a visualization of how certain things came to be through my point of view in a short skit with my characters, or literally just a joke on what goes on in my head, as if my characters actually lived there and had minds of their own.

When S.L joined he basically turned it into a makeshift Holy Crap for adults, and it kind of bugged me as sexual/gore/suicide humor wasn't really my shtick back then. Don't get me wrong I love ironic shitposty dark humor nowadays but I probably wouldn't giggle at most of S.L's old stuff. When it became a full blown skit type comic and gained more fans for that I didn't really see a reason to stick around personally as I intended it to be a showcase of thoughts essentially, and I didn't know what I had to offer to the new fans. It essentially became its own comic, and the only thing that was really kept from me, was the name. "